Our Values

Indwelling Christ

We believe that Christ is everything, the source of life and the motivator for all service and sacrifice. He died to save us from our sins and He rose again to live within us, to form us, from the inside, into His image. Spiritual growth is not achieved by disciples trying hard to please God, but as we surrender to the living Christ within us. Service, stewardship, worship, community, and evangelism are all tied to His life and work in us.

Grace Lived Out

The journey into God’s grace is a lifelong one—full, rich, and bountiful. We believe God’s grace is something to be received, lived, shared, and granted. We have all come from somewhere and the vast majority of us have done things we regret. We accept everyone where they happen to be right now, and then guide them towards truth, growth, restoration, and reconciliation. We want our church to be a safe place to share truth about ourselves, and in doing so, to discover a family that offers Christ’s supernatural grace freely and abundantly.

Biblical Preaching

God’s Spirit works supernaturally through the Word to encourage us, grow us, knit our hearts together, challenge us, and change us. The corporate gatherings of The Vine will always be centered on Christ and the clear exposition of God’s word in the power of the Spirit, for the glory of God.


Prayer aligns us with God’s will and unleashes the Spirit’s work. We believe God will do great things through our church when we pray. Prayer should punctuate our conversations and fuel our lives and ministry. We are committed to starting with prayer in all things–when direction needs to be set, when decisions need to be made, when conflict needs to be resolved, and when mission needs to be accomplished.


We believe that the Church is the only organism on the planet that is comprised of every kind of person from every conceivable background. This tapestry of people is a testimony to God’s unifying grace.


God owns everything. He has entrusted time, resources, and abilities to us to manage for His Glory. We believe the Holy Spirit leads us in ways that we can give and that under the New Covenant, giving is no longer a requirement but a response of thanksgiving in what ever way the Spirit prompts us to give.


In a culture and society that is ever-changing we believe there has never been a more important time to point back to the Holy Scriptures. We believe the Bible is relevant to today's culture and you will find its truths taught weekly in a manner that is relevant and applicable to life in our 21st century culture.

Servant Leadership

Jesus taught and exemplified a rare form of leadership that He made the standard for His church. Unlike the world, where leaders “rule” over others, pastors and elders in the Church are called to serve, sacrifice themselves and shepherd the flock. The leadership here to provide, protect, and equip the saints for works of service, and they do so from a spirit of love and humility.


Life is too short to pretend. At The Vine we value honest talk about real life. It is important that we have people in our lives with whom we can share our struggles and failures. Our LifeGroups, church services, and classes, provide opportunities to develop sincere relationships that deal with the reality of life.